About me

My name is Aleksandr Stankevic, but everyone calls me Alex πŸ™‚

I currently live in Vilnius, Lithuania. Lithuania really a nice place to live, except for the taxes!

I am currently working as a systems wrangler for Automattic, a company behind the WordPress and other related projects. I also do part-time system administration work for Vilnius College (the pay sucks here, but at least i can do what i want!).

If you are interested in my previous experience, you can find my CV here.

The best place to find me:

  • email: aleksandr.stankevic@gmail.com
  • IRC nick: sysmonk, network: irc.freenode.net
  • jabber: aleksandr.stankevic@gmail.com
  • ICQ: 214480900
  • skype: sysmonk

If you want to send me a gift – just drop me a line, and i will give you my postal address πŸ™‚

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