Health issues :(

For the last few years i have some health problems with my right ear. Interestingly it always starts in about April-May and stops some time in September. My right ear starts to itch and my hearing worsens. I’ve tried going to the doctors before with no luck, but last year they found that i have some infection and healed it.

At least i thought so.

Now, it started again, but this time my ear started to hurt too! It makes me crazy, can’t sleep well and i’m feeling very uncomfortable. I’ll try to find some time to go to the doctors this week. Hope that pain goes away fast.

So don’t be surprised if you’re talking to me and i don’t hear you 🙂

Known workaround: yell while talking with me.
Note for the internet friends: Caps lock doesn’t work the same way as yelling.


Health issues :(