Health issues :(

For the last few years i have some health problems with my right ear. Interestingly it always starts in about April-May and stops some time in September. My right ear starts to itch and my hearing worsens. I’ve tried going to the doctors before with no luck, but last year they found that i have some infection and healed it.

At least i thought so.

Now, it started again, but this time my ear started to hurt too! It makes me crazy, can’t sleep well and i’m feeling very uncomfortable. I’ll try to find some time to go to the doctors this week. Hope that pain goes away fast.

So don’t be surprised if you’re talking to me and i don’t hear you 🙂

Known workaround: yell while talking with me.
Note for the internet friends: Caps lock doesn’t work the same way as yelling.


Health issues :(

Two new softwares – 1Password and Spotify

Recently I started to use two new softwares: 1Password and Spotify

1Password is a password storing software from AgileBits. I usually generate a random password for each service/website and store them encrypted on my own server. I have done this because i had to have access to it from different places (notebook, pc, work notebook). Last time i tried to find a similar software i couldn’t find one which would let me access it from different computers.

It has plugins for Firefox/Safari/Chrome which lets me access the passwords quickly, a ‘copy’ button to quickly copy the password (no more marking and cmd+c!), a password generator and a search tool. It also can store the password safely ‘in the cloud’.

I’m trying to move all my passwords to 1Password now while changing them during the move, but i’ve got really a lot of them so it takes time!

Second software is Spotify. I have heard of it many times before, but didn’t try it as Spotify isn’t friendly with Lithuania 😦 I’ve used a US proxy to register with them and boom, i’m using it now! I hope i find a way to get a premium account when my free trial finishes 🙂

Spotify is a music service which gives access to millions of songs. I like that i can listen almost to any song in a good quality, and legally. I could find almost all songs i like, except for russian songs. It has some of them, but definetly not enough.

Two new softwares – 1Password and Spotify

Recommendations from Barclays

It is really nice to get recommendations, and I’ve got quite a few when i left Barclays. I won’t hide – i asked people to give me a recommendation when i was leaving, but I didn’t expect to get so much of them!

You can find the recommendations in my Linkedin profile, but i want to quote them here!

These were left by my direct managers ( i have changed quite a few in my 2.5 years at Barclays):

“Both as a colleague in a team and later on his manager I have enjoyed working with Alexandr. He is a person with extraordinary skills in UNIX and Linux operating sytems. I could rely on him with every assigned task as he has never let me down. Very smart person thinking outside the box.”

Tomasz Zaustowicz

“Aleksandr was vital part of Barclays Technology Center Unix team for more than two years. By team members Alex is very valued as highly skilled tecnician and very supportive person. I‘m seeing that in his tasks he is always accurate and responisve even on high timelines pressure. His strong side is defintely creativity – everrywhere where possible he was constantly searchning optimization/improvement ways and he really masters implementation further.”

Martynas Nicajus

“More than once I have been amazed by Alex ability to think through technical designs and possible issues to be hit. His knowledge of area and attention to detail makes him a valuable asset to any organization.”

Henrik Jurevic

And these were left by my crazy co-workers:

“I have had pleasure to work with Aleksandr at the same team for about 3 years. Aleksandr has proven himself as a highly skilled technician. His passion to BSD and Unix systems in general was not measurable. Aleksandr is the person who knows not just how to use the system and services it provides, but also knows internals of it. He constantly maintains his knowledge and this allows to stay him on top across the board.”

Paulius Stakauskas

“Alexander is inventive and excellent UNIX administrator. Is able to quickly identify faults. Excellent scripts writer. He is friendly, communicative and have a great sense of humor. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work together.”

Petras Liumparas

“Alex is a professional team player and very skilled on a wide range of different projects. I found him to be a key person in demonstrating a willingness and technical understanding of the complex solutions he was faced. Also Alex has an eye for details and a thought process two steps ahead getting in the best solution. All that combined make him an intelligent person to work with.”

Antanas Vaskunas

“It was a pleasure to work with Aleks. Innovative and out-of-box thinking makes him an expert in an Unix area with ability to quick and efficient solve the given task.
Aleks never refused to provide help or guide. One of the best teammates I had a chance to work with.”

Mindaugas Beniusis

“Second time already I have duty to report on Aleksandr’s capabilities :), and I can’t be happier to confirm what I wrote previously, that he’s very capable and smart guy, geek of the geeks in good sense. With more experience and knowledge in ITIL constraints, AIX, processes etc.
If I had a company to run, I would be glad to have such employee (but I don’t, so be warned).

Good luck Alex :)”

Paulius Bulotas

“Aleksandr is very skilled and technical person. Creatively approaches every problem and acts perfectly as a tutor while helping his colleagues. Has really deep knowledge in Unix-like operating systems.” October 17, 2011

Mantas Lazauskas

It was really a big pleasure to work with each of them and I’m glad I had an opportunity to meet them. I hope we will meet again as IT world isn’t that big. Thank you guys for the recommendations!

Recommendations from Barclays

support at Automattic

Everyone who joins Automattic, no matter which position, has to do support for 3 weeks. I’ve had my support training for a few days this week. It was nice, and i got to know the company even better, and meet a few new people – at least online, but I would really want to meet them in real!

Thanks to everybody from the support team who had the courage to train me and apologies to all the people who will receive a wrong response from WordPress support signed by Alex 🙂


support at Automattic

last day at Barclays

Today was my last day at Barclays. I’ve gave back all my access cards, displays, notebook and blackberry. I probably forgot to give back the charger – will need to try to find it at home and deliver it back some day 🙂

It was really a pleasure to work with the people at Barclays – i’ve met a quite a few nice people from Lithuania, UK and Pune. I hope to stay in contact with them, and maybe meet them again in some company in the future! The world is small enough for that to happen 🙂

last day at Barclays

blog, again?!

Yes, blogging again. I have had a blog before, and i even updated it once in a while! After a while, i started to update it very very rarely… When i started to work in a bank, i was completely out of free time, and i decided to remove my blog.

Now, the times are getting better. I’m moving to a new job! I will be working as a systems wrangler for Automattic – a company behind the WordPress. That’s also a reason why i wanted to start blogging again 🙂 I want to have  a testbed/sandbox blog where i can sometimes test out some stuff, with real data.

Oh, and i’m still doing part-time system administration for the local Vilnius college.


blog, again?!