Solar Eclipse @ March 20, 2015

Today there was a solar eclipse in our part of the world. We’ve climbed up the roof to watch the eclipse, have some coffee and take some pictures.

Here’s some pictures, most of them done through an iPhone camera. We used the magnetic part of the floppy disk to look at the sun / take pictures through it. Was fun 🙂

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Print your … spare server part!

I’ve got some pretty old “server” here and it’s disk said goodbye to me a few weeks/months ago.

I finally found some time to clean it up – clean all the dust inside, apply some toothpaste thermal paste to the heatsink and replace the disk. Unfortunately i didn’t take a picture of how awful it looked before, but here’s a cleaned up version.

cleaned up server
cleaned up server

As you can see – it has a bracket for one disk, and there’s space for another one. It worked with one disk so far, but it would be a waste of space not to add the second one – the disks are so cheap now. I tried to search for the other bracket but couldn’t find it anywhere, and i couldn’t find a spare one to buy at the local stores.

We’ve got a MakerBot in the office out here. So, i’ve asked a friend if he can try printing one for me. The next day he comes back with this:

I was a bit skeptic about the real use of 3d printers in homes / offices, as the printed examples i usually see are keychains or other useless stuff, but now i might change my mind. maybe.

P.S. Not sure how will the heat influence the bracket – hope i won’t see any smoke coming out of the case…

Print your … spare server part!