Annoying Notes app formatting

As a Mac user, i have been (ab)using the Notes app quite a lot – i always copy commands/output/text from terminal or web pages, and it always annoyed me that Notes app, by default, would always format the text – create links, change the quotes, try to have text background (i.e. black when copying from Terminal). That’s the most annoying thing ever…

I remember i tried to look in settings to see if there’s a way to disable this, but I didn’t find anything when i looked. Today, it annoyed me too much again, so i thought i need to find a different software for that… but first let me try to look at it again.

So, after some googling around, i found a solution – you can remap the ⌘V key to paste without formatting!

Steps to achieve that:
– Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts
– Add a new shortcut
– Choose “Notes” as the aplication
– Name the Menu Title “Paste and Match Style”
– In Keyboard Shortcut press ⌘V

This should re-map the ⌘V to use ‘Paste and Match style’ rather than the default Paste method.

Life just got a bit less annoying 🙂

Annoying Notes app formatting

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