SysAdmin day 2012

Today is the System Administrator Appreciation Day, so i want to send congrats to all the sysadmins in the world!

I think i don’t need to say who a sysadmin is and why sysadmins are so important. But in case you don’t know – you can go and read about it here.

In Lithuania, we had some interesting tournaments organised by various IT companies during the SysAdmin Day – you would need to fix interesting code, recognise famous IT people in interesting pictures, hack servers and etc. This tradition was started by MicroLink Lithuania, then Hostex (ex MicroLink), and then was taken over by BaltNet.

This year, it seems, no company is interested in making their and other sysadmins in Lithuania have fun. And it definitely doesn’t cost a fortune to organise one! They also have an advantage of getting names of sysadmins which they can further pass to their HR to hire some good people!

SysAdmin day 2012

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