Got a flat tire on Saturday

A high-altitude tyre blowout and series of unf...On Saturday we were planning to go for a BBQ with my wife and a few friends. Got all stuff packed in my car, and we drove to pick up a friend. Maybe just one km from home, somebody started beeping to me on the road. We stopped to check if everything was fine – but found out that one of my tires was flat 😦

I inflated the tire a little bit but i could hear the air come out of it. I inflated it a bit more and drove back home. We took my wife’s car and went for the BBQ.

I must admit, i have never changed a tire before! On Sunday, i had some free time, so i thought I’ll try it. We have to change the tires from winter to summer in a week (starting from April 1st) so there was no point in buying new winter tires. I’ve took out my summer tires, checked if i have all required tools, watched a few video’s on Youtube (yes, hehe) and started to work on it.

The beginning was a disaster 🙂 I couldn’t unscrew 4 out of 5 bolts! My friend tried to unscrew them, but he failed at it too. I called a neighbor to ask for some help. The neighbor failed to unscrew them too. We even tried to jump on the wrench to unscrew them but failed. The neighbor brought his own, better tools, so with a bit of luck we got all our bolts unscrewed pretty fast. We changed all the tires successfully (probably). I still don’t want to drive with the summer tires too much as it’s kinda illegal + we had snow today, and i really don’t want to drive on snow with them!

On the good side, this was a good experience. It’s better to get experience on changing the tires at my own place rather than in extreme conditions on the road.

Got a flat tire on Saturday

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